Healthy Lunch Hacks That Save Time

If you are like me, then you are looking for healthy lunch hacks that save time. I find it hard to eat in between classes or during breaks because of all the preparation and cleaning that needs to be done. Whether you are a student, a stay at home mom, or just someone who needs to make healthy choices while on the go, here are some great ideas for smart ways to get your food on your own schedule.

healthy lunch hacks that save time

One of the best healthy lunch hacks is using a pre-made sandwich as a way to keep your energy up all day. This can be accomplished quite easily, all you need is a quick sandwich in your office (make sure the bread slices are big enough to wrap your sandwich in), some mayo or salad sauce, and some mayo or other high quality hummus on your choice of bread. You will be surprised how easy this is to do and will save you a lot of time!

Another hack for healthy lunch is to pack a fruit salad and eat it at your desk. It takes no time and is an easy meal to prepare. All you need is a handful of mixed greens, a piece of whole grain toast with some mayonnaise, and a cup of water. This can be a great way to eat healthy on your lunch break and will provide you with a healthy meal to think about later in the day.

Another hack for healthy lunch is to pack a protein packed snack instead of a full meal. For instance, instead of a bagged lunch with meatballs and a green salad, pack a bowl of peanuts or some other type of light and lean protein. This way you can eat this in between your breaks or on the way back to class. Not only will this save time but you will be helping your body to get a good amount of nutrients without having to worry about counting calories.

One of the most important hacks for a healthy lunch is to make sure your food is as nutritious as possible. This means packing food that is high in vegetables and lean proteins. Avoid packing foods that are high in fat and sugar. Some examples of unhealthy foods include potato chips, soda, and fast food. Instead, pack food that is high in fiber, like whole wheat bagels, low fat yogurt, and organic chicken nuggets. Lean proteins like organic lean turkey or beef are also great to pack as part of a healthy lunch.

If you are looking to cut back on the amount of junk in your diet, these healthy lunch hacks for the workplace are a great place to start. While these tips are more about what you can do at work, they can also be applied anywhere. Remember that healthy eating doesn’t have to take much extra time, but it does require some effort!

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